Eat Your Beer! ReGrained Bars eat beer regained chocolate coffee stout barDan Kurzrock over at ReGrained contacted me a while ago, and kindly offered to send me a couple of samples of ReGrained’s wares.  So full disclosure- I didn’t pay for these bars (other than a contribution to shipping them from the states).

So let’s start with the idea behind ReGrained:

The guys at ReGrained realised that the brewing process is very inefficient in that there is this huge amount of spent grain left after the mash.  Home brewers often compost this material, and in some cases breweries have deals with farms where the grain is used as feed or fertiliser.  So ReGrained decided that they could repurpose these grains into something else themselves.

The Bars:

ReGrained use the highest quality ingredients.  They start with the grain used to make your favourite beers, and they add other great stuff like honey, almonds, oats, chocolate and coffee to make delicious, low gluten, high protein, high fibre snacks.

The Verdict:

I’m going to get this out of the way first:  if you expect the bars to taste like beer, you’ll be disappointed, so be prepared!  The fact is that they are simply delicious and very satisfying, but because no hops have been used in the brewing process by the time the grains have done their part, there are no hops in the bars, and therefore the flavour is all grain, no hops.

So if you’re still with me, you have to try these!  Think of an oaty, honey flapjack, but made with ingredients from your favourite beer.  They are that good.  I’ve had a bar as a breakfast substitute and it kept me satisfied until lunch.  I’ve had a bar as a lunch substitute, too, although not the same day.

Both flavours are tasty and inviting, and the Chocolate Coffee Stout bar is a perfect balance between sweet and bitter- just like a Stout should be.

You can find out much more about ReGrained from the accompanying info pack, or from their  (//" target="_blank">Amazon, too.

ReGrained Info Packet



Lunch at Arts Thés Miss in Antibes, Côtes d’Azur

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I’ve been spending a little time in the south of France, and had a really interesting meal yesterday, so I thought I would write a little post about it- my first foodie post.  You’ll be relieved to know that there was beer involved too!

The place:

Arts Thés Miss, Antibes,
Arts Thés Miss

I think it was called Arts Thés Miss, and it was in Antibes, a town close to Nice in the south of France.  It was an interesting little place, and the lunchtime menu seemed to boil down to 2 choices- either a vegetarian platter of little dishes, or La Complête, the same thing with either meat or fish (again, you don’t get to choose, it was fish on the day we went).  They only serve organic foods.

I ordered the version with fish (a fish called Lotte in French, which I later found out is Monkfish), and while we waited we were treated to a little Amuse Bouche of veggie juice.

Veggie juice
Veggie Juice

The Food:

food platter at arts thés miss
Mixed platter of food

An interesting selection of dishes- all vegetarian with the exception of the fish, of course.  Clockwise from top left (served in a glass) some soup (potato and leek), gratin of broccolini, Moroccan vegetable tagine, black wild rice with monkfish in a creamy sauce, couscous with leeks, grated carrot and orange salad, cucumber salad, rocket salad with seeds.  All in all it was pretty darned tasty! I’m not a huge fan of cucumber or fruit in my carrots, but apart from that I was very satisfied.

The beer:

Jade Organic Blonde beer
Jade Organic Blonde beer

Not to leave out the most important part of the meal- the beer.  This was an organic beer, claiming to be the first organic beer in France, and it was a Blonde.  There isn’t really much to say about it, unfortunately.  It didn’t strike me as being a particularly interesting version of a Blonde, but it was refreshing and wasn’t offensive in any way.  It went well with the variety of flavours on my plate, so I would say that being a fairly simple beer, not to sweet and not really spicy at all was probably a good thing.

The Dessert:

You have the option of choosing 2 desserts, or a coffee and a dessert included in the price of the meal.  I went for an organic coffee and Panna Cotta with red berries.  Very nice indeed.  Unfortunately I forgot to snap a photo!

If you are ever in Antibes, near to Nice in the south of France, I recommend a visit to Arts Thés Miss.